Watch Halsey’s Emo Dreams Come True As She Duets With Panic! At The Disco

Known emo-appreciator Halsey has lived out everyone’s #1 teen dreams this week after she got the chance to sing onstage with Panic! At The Disco during their performance at the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico City.

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After sharing a video from her Halloween party where Aussie producer Alison Wonderland dropped the iconic track ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies‘ and the whole room basically exploded, Halsey was brought out during the Panic! set over the weekend to duet the song live with Brendon Urie which is just casually a god damn dream come true for like, everyone who lived and breathed the first P!ATD album.

Halsey’s a known defender of the influential era of 00s emo, and has gone out to bat for all of us who spent our teen years teaching ourselves HTML for maximum Myspace cred, and very likely poured through every copy of Alternative Press and Blunt Magazine, meticulously cutting out pictures to put on our schoolbooks and posters to cover out bedroom walls with. No? Just me? Sure, but I see you.

Check out the video of the full duet below, because you can pretty much pinpoint the moments where she’s realising she’s literally performing onstage with someone who was so pivotal to the mid-00s Fueled By Ramen/Myspace/LiveJournal golden era.

Ok, but can you even imagine being wildly obsessed with a band for most of your life and then suddenly they’re dragging you out onstage at a huge show to sing one of their biggest hits? It’s certifiably batshit and I want to live vicariously through Halsey forever.

Halsey also posted a video from side stage at the performance, singing along to ‘Nine In The Afternoon‘ from the band’s second album, Pretty, Odd and tbh yeah she’s literally all of us when we’re in the same room as our mid-00s theatrical emo fave.

Brb putting A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out on repeat all afternoon.