Grimey Wiley Gives Away 200 Free Tracks

The ‘Grime-Minister’ emcee / producer Wiley has been referred to as ‘the Grime Robin Hood’ after dropping eight zip files containing more than 200 of his tracks for free via Twitter. In various tweets the Godfather of Grime explained that he was basically getting the tunes out to his fans because they might otherwise never get a chance to hear them: “yeh the zip files jus all my music that kept getting refused over the last 2 years”.

You can download them here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Wiley is getting ‘heapz mad respek’ from his fans on Twitter for his generous move, that (short of pulling direct quotes from Dizzee Rascal tunes) provides the best education in Grime-speak available:

Via Fact Mag