Grimes Wrote a Song for Rihanna, and Now There’s Some Leaked Audio

Earlier this week, excellent electronic music person and hardcore Pokémon enthusiast Grimes announced that she and producer Blood Diamonds wrote a song for none other than Rihanna, but that the singer turned it down. Ugh, why, Rihanna? That would have been the perfect collaboration.

Grimes went on to say that she would perform the track herself in
her set at the Governors Ball Music Festival, and fans promptly wet
themselves like excited puppies in anticipation. The set happened on
Friday night, and since then, Twitter has been BEGGING Grimes to release
full audio of the track.

While she has not yet done so, a fan-made recording showed up on Instagram a few hours ago. It’s short and the audio quality is not the best, but who even cares, because it sounds fucking killer all the same and I’m now sad that I was not there to experience it first-hand. Also, the song is called ‘Go’. Good title.

After the show, Grimes Tweeted back and forth with Blood Diamonds about the possibility of releasing the track in some official capacity.

Please, please make this happen Grimes. I’ll be your friend and give you all the rare Pokémon your heart could ever desire.

via Instagram
Photo: Paul Zimmerman via Getty Images