Grimes Launches Vaginal Rings as Part of New Jewellery Line

Grimeswho we recently spoke with – has an awesome tumblr, GrimesStyle, where she posts outfit credentials, video stills, candid photos and now images of her first collaboration with Montreal-based jeweller Morgan Black, with whom she’s created a line of rings dubbed ‘Grimes Pussy Rings.’

Heads up: these aren’t Nyan Cat finger candies so they could be NSFW depending on your W.

The images were accompanied by the following blurb:

First creation of the Grimes + Morgan Black jewelry line
– existenz –
Morgan Black is a prominent Montreal Artist, Jeweler, sculptor, etc etc etc who refuses to have a website so i don’t have any links.

Grimes also revealed via The Twitter that she’s also casting her upcoming video for Genesis (which she recently performed live on Jools Holland – see below), so if you’re in LA in June and fit the following description as a hot girl who can dance you should definitely head along. You might even get to put a ring on it?