HELLO READERS: If you’re confused by this link and want to know about Grimes’ baby name and what it means, please head on over to this story instead: Holy Shit, Grimes Just Confirmed Her Baby’s Name & Its Meaning Makes Everything WeirderSorry! That was a weird mistake on our end. She’s definitely not touring Australia RN, that was in 2012. But she really did just have a baby and called it X Æ A-12.

Great news if you believe in triumphant Montreal weirdos, nihilistic dance music or the restorative effects of power crystals. E-biquitous Nardwuar approved musician Grimes, 24 year old Claire Boucher, will embark on her first tour of Australia sometime in November or December of this year, it has been revealed. Boucher confirmed the tour in a recent interview with Pedestrian and also commented on the vibes she’s channeling on her new album (UK bass music), run ins with authority figures (often) and potential collaborations with UK producer Blawan. Here’s what she had to say about the tour:

“Yes, we’re either coming in November or December. There are a few different ways we could come so we’re just trying to figure out the most economically viable option that fits the schedule. So yeah, I will be coming for sure, we’re just figuring out exactly how it’s going to go down. Obviously there’s the festival route or there’s the ‘do a bunch of gigs’ route.”

Look out for the full interview with Claire in the coming weeks.