Grace Jones you crazy sexagenarian! With limber limbs that won’t quit, pipes bigger than an Ancient Roman aqueduct, teeth than can only be described as gnashing and a glint* in her eyes, the sixty-four (64!) year old took to the stage at Lizzy’s Diamond Jubilee concert overnight to perform her classic 80s groove ‘Slave To The Monarchy Rhythm‘ while hula-hooping non-stop for the entire duration of the performance! Sorry for all the exclamation marks, but I’m not!

Serious hat-envy from Princess Eugenie. Serious face-melting happening to her left on the bald dude. And you just know K-Mid is a slave to the rhythm (far right).

Looking like the fabulous well-oiled villain from The Avengers sequel, Jones shimmied and swayed for a good four minutes before topping off her performance by bellowing “We love you! Happy Birthday, our Queen!

Uh, pretty sure it’s not her birthday, Grace. But whatever, any sixty-four year old who can perform with this kind of sustained chutzpah and those pins in that costume for that long can say what she wants. Lady who now? Rihann-wha? You heard me, Internet-age pop starlets.

Keep it up, keep it up G!

*Genuine crazy/genius.

Photos by Dan Kitwood for Getty Images