Gotye Disses Glee’s “Somebody” Cover

Turns out Gotye isn’t exactly jazzed (no pun on ‘jazz hands’ intended) by the umpteenth cover of “Somebody That I Used To Know” as performed on the American tv show Glee.

In a recent interview when asked about Glee‘s version (performed by Matt Bomer) Gotye said, “They did such a faithful arrangement of the instrumentals but the vocals were that pop Glee style, ultra dry, sounded pretty tuned and the rock has no real sense, like it’s playing to you from a cardboard box.”

Ooh snap. Sounds like Gotye’s dropped the Mister Nice Guy act and is starting to show his diva-esque true colours. Only kidding, Wally! We know you really are Mister Nice Guy and deserve all the success in the world. Here’s our interview with the man from nine months back. You know, beforeGlobal Domination.

Via PopSugar