Goodbye, Australia – Say Hello To Fully Fitted

Well boys and girls, it’s been a fun run here at Pedestrian. I’ve done a lot of blogging, even more MySpace monitoring, and mostly Thai food eating. But all lovely and wonderful things must come to an end, and it looks as if today (as in thirty or so minutes from now) will see me exit the doors (and ride down the elevator) of Pedestrian for the last time. I feel it’s only proper that I leave y’all with a bit of something more familiar to you (Parisian sounds) with a taste of something a wee bit foreign (American hip-hop) as a parting gift.

It’s about time you Aussies meet Fully Fitted. Here’s who’s involved in the project:


Pase Rock
Devlin and Darko
Amanda Blank

A bit back Mad Decent hooked us all up with the first track off their upcoming E.P. The first thing you’ll do when you hear this is think, “Oh no, not another Justice rework.” But fear not, kind people, for this is no ordinary spin-off on French dance music. “100 Million” brings so much more to the table: horns; entirely redone (not just more or less distorted) instrumentals; and Jeezy, Weezy, Dre, Ricky Ross, and Birdman on the vocals. Best song ever? Probably not, but it’s fiery as all heck. This hasn’t stopped ruling my iTunes for what seems like ages now:

Fully Fitted – “100 Million” (Y.S.I.)

For those interested, this is what the original was like:

Peace out, Australia.

Photo by Joel Pratley