Gloves & Bang Gang Party September 11

Following the demise of his main gig as the vocalist/keyboardist for Melbourne synth-punks Damn Arms, Yama Indra’s debut EP under the Gloves moniker proves there’s life after death – or something like that.

Released on Bang Gang 12 Inches, P.X.Y. finds Indra crafting luscious hands-in-the-air anthems by marrying organic instrumentation, namely noodling electric guitars and nech breaking slap bass, with flirtatious vocal samples and a wall of lurching synths that stop on a dime. It’s a four minute slice of euphoria, the soundtrack to a swinger’s pool party and a promising sign for Gloves fans all in one. “Are we having fun yet?” the tongue in cheek vocal sample asks. I think you already know the answer.

Thanks to Bang Gang 12 Inches we’re offering a P.X.Y. remix courtesy of Indra’s former bandmate and current Cut Copy bassist Ben Browning. Get it while it’s hot y’all.

Gloves – “PYX” (Ben Browning Remix)