Girl Talk Unveils NYE Documentary Trailer

Let’s talk about DJs for a minute here. So these days people want longer edits and smoother mixes and cosmic interludes with minimal but somehow plaintive breakdowns that cut to solitary bass kicks and, like, cherub’s voices echoing in your inner ear and life-affirming synths beamed down from Mount Olympus…and I get that. But despite the waning appeal of that smash-grab-and-mash ethos of mid 2000s DJ culture, the breakneck party sets of Pittsburgh native Gregg Gillis, better known as Girl Talk, will continue to endure simply because they’re among the funnest in the world. You know what I’m talking about. Dude’s like a party alchemist.

Nowhere is his talent for inciting bliss more apparent than in the trailer for Girl Talk NYE Chicago, a forthcoming short film, which, as the name might suggest, documents Girl Talk’s 2009 NYE show at the 4,500-capacity Congress Theatre in Chicago. Aside from the usual antics – stage invasions, toilet paper rolls, blink and you’ll miss mash ups and confetti – Gillis also constructed a two-story, five room house on stage. The house took months to plan as well as 4 full days and 21 crew members to build and serves as the focal point to what looks like one hell of a New Year’s Eve party.

Girl Talk NYE Chicago is slated for release 9/21/10. Check out the trailer below…