1999’s The Thong Song‘ was important for two main reasons. One being it is an absolute banger of a tune and the other is that it taught an entire generation of Australians that Americans, for stil unknown and obviously stupid reasons, call G-strings thongs.

Get Yr G-Bangers Out, Sisqo Just Dropped A 2017 Remake Of ‘The Thong Song’

The educational ditty has survived to today as a go-to dancefloor filler for any and all 90s themed events but now, much like everything from our childhood, it’s received a 2017 “reboot” of sorts with booty-lover Sisqo himself, joining up with some Chainsmoker-looking EDM white dudes called JCY for a revitalised version of the arse-crack obssessed tune.

Drenched in that kind of tropical production that is so overused in today’s dance music and with approximately three too many new “drops” inserted, the updated track would feel very at home on a 1am nightclub, in that “everything is making me want to vomit but I don’t care” kind of way.

The Thong Song‘ 2.0 has also received a new music video and gone, unfortunately, is the bleached, shaved head and billowy white robes of the original, with the now 38-year-old Sisqo going for a more 2017 Chance the Rapper style lewk.

The good news for butt fans though is it is utterly brimming with fabric-bisected booty. There’s just like, heaps and heaps of arse, you guys.

Fuck me, the 90s were good. 

Image: YouTube / JLC.