Besides being one of the best examples of a nice piece of cello work within the Beach Boys catalogue, Good Vibrations is one festival that has a name to live up to. No bad, average or okay vibrations will do – the vibes better be freaking GOOD.

The tour kicks off tomorrow with the Sydney leg before moving onto Perth, the Gold Coast and Melbourne. Before the time comes to throw on your denim cut offs, favourite sunglasses and jauntiest straw fedora make sure you are equipped to deal with whatever the day can throw at you so the Good Vibes will be guaranteed.

Pack sensibly:
This makes it harder to dance with gay abandon, but really there’s some must-pack items that should be jammed into your bag, pockets or hair:

Rain proofing. Tomorrow’s forecast: high of 26 with showers and chance of thunderstorms. Wear closed shoes if you don’t want to be slimy foot mud-covered nuffy. To stay dry – and therefore warm – a poncho or large bin liner will do the trick for under $4. Well worth it. Ladies – make sure your mascara is waterproof.
Sunscreen. Your mum may get on your nerves but she’s right about one thing: sun damage is bad, dudes. Make new friends or lovers by offering to help them avoid melanoma with a few white smears of UV protection. Did someone say “can you do my back?”
Tissues. Your bum deserves better than Kimberly Clarke one-ply. Be precious and you’ll be rewarded.
Cash. Der. ATMs are as rare as marijuana at these things. Kidding – weed is plentiful. Just remember the rules: pass the dutchie to the left hand side.

Devote time to the day’s unmissable acts:
Salt-n-Pepa. Aaaah Push it… You would be a damn fool to even consider going without catching Salt-n-Pepa and pulling out your full repertoire of awesome 90s dance moves – perhaps while wearing Cross Colours? Yeah – we old!
Gossip. Beth Ditto’s enormous soulful voice is even bigger than her big-girl-and-proud-of-it figure. Add some banging dance-rock tunes behind it and you’ve got yourself a bonafide sweat farm, population: you.

Things to avoid:
The brown acid
Beware Busta Rhymes’ mad raps, lest you break ya neck…


For timetable info and more go to the Good Vibrations website