Get Around The Winner Of Triple J’s ‘Unearthed High’ 2016, Greta Ray

Well boy howdy. We got ourselves a winner of the Triple J Unearthed High competition: Melbs Year 12 indie pop crooner Gretta Ray. She landed it for her tune Drive, which is without question a corker of a track. Have a listen, if you haven’t done that:

Ray produced the country-twanged tune with Nashville-based Australian Josh Barber and released as part of her debut EP Elsewhere, released earlier this year.
Ya bois Matt and Alex surprised Gretta’s music lesson at Princess Hill Secondary College to deliver the news, which has gotta earn you some mad points with your schoolchums. Surely.
Unearthed High highlights the best high school act in the country, collecting together a whole stack of teenagers who are undoubtedly more talented than you are, and at a much younger age to boot. It is a chastening but invariably enlightening experience.
Source: Triple J.
Photo: Triple J.