Pass The Eyeliner ’Coz Gerard Way Just Released Another Two Songs To Get Us Through Iso

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Pass the fucking eyeliner because My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has dropped another two unreleased demos on Soundcloud to get us through isolation.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Gerard Way will singlehandedly be the reason we make it through this isolation in one piece (minus some angsty emo bangs that we’ll inevitably end up cutting while listening to The Black Parade). He really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Way took to Instagram to share two tracks PS Earth and Crate Amp_01 from the demo sessions of his debut solo album Hesitant Alien.

The two new tracks follow the four songs he released under the project name Distraction or Despair earlier this month.

“Hey all, with all this uncertainty I just wanted to start uploading some unreleased stuff,” Gerard said earlier this month. “Just so people can check it out and have something to listen to. Just felt like sharing.”

So far, all of the tracks have been previously recorded, unreleased demos but it sounds like our boy Gerard Way has been bitten by the music bug again, so here’s hoping we’ll be seeing new My Chemical Romance music by the time this isolation is over.

We may not have been able to cry our eyes out to Welcome To The Black Parade at Download Festival earlier this year, but at least Gerard Way is keeping us busy with a soundtrack to our self-isolation parties.

It’s Gerard Way’s world and we’re just living in it.

You can check out the new tracks on Gerard Way’s Soundcloud below.