Hoo boy, here we bloody go, Gerard Way has praised Alex Lahey and friends on their absolutely spine-tingling cover of My Chemical Romance‘s monster hit, ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’.

Yep. Gerard Way. From My Chemical Romance. Publicly shouted out Alex Lahey. In 2019. Right in front of my salad.

Taking to his Instagram this morning, the MCR singer/emo king of the world said that the cover – which Alex Lahey did for Like A Version last week – gave him chills, and fully backed the gang of musos leaning into the over-the-top theatrics of the track.

Gerard specifically loved the cymbal work by our fave Crocs-wearing legend G Flip, and honestly, knowing that he’s a fan of this cover is truly the only thing that’s getting me through this week.

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This made my morning! Alex Lahey (@alex_lahey) and her band covering Welcome To The Black Parade. Last month, Frank told me about the beautiful Kimya Dawson (@kimyadawson) cover of Kids From Yesterday, which was so special. Then, a friend of mine just sent me a link to this Alex Lahey cover, which gave me chills (both covers did, really, and both for different reasons). I appreciated how delicate and raw and soulful Kimya’s cover was, it made me look at the song in a different way. And what I appreciate about Alex and Co’s Parade cover is how much they really went for it, and with all of the additional instruments (those cymbals!) and everyone singing and just smiling and having a good time. Really amazing performance. My friend told me to check out her album, I Love You Like A Brother and I thought it was great, you should check it out too if you like. But watch this performance if you can, and watch Kimya’s cover of Kids, it is on her Insta dated July 29th, and check out her amazing albums as well. It’s a really nice feeling to see such fantastic musicians appreciating our work. #alexlahey #kimyadawson #theblackparade #welcometotheblackparade

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If this isn’t the highest form of praise you could get, then I simply don’t know what is.

He went on to give props to Alex for her debut album, I Love You Like A Brother, and I mean has anyone checked in on Alex to see that she’s ok? Can someone please do that?

I fully love and am into this timeline, and I simply have no choice but to spend my entire day listening to MCR’s back catalogue now.

It’s a big ol’ emo day for Alex Lahey, who also announced that she’s going to be supporting City & Colour on his tour of Australia next year, so please, can someone just maybe send Alex over some new black nail polish, a Hot Topic gift card and maybe a stack of Alternative Press magazines?

It’s clearly 2006 again and I’m about two seconds away from going down the shops and buying the cheapest black pencil eyeliner I can and straight-up reverting back to my angsty teen days, here.

And if there’s anything that we can take away from Gerard fkn Way complimenting and supporting a Like A Version of his own damn song, it’s that this rendition of ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ 110% deserves a spot not only in the clearly-massive, multiple-disc compilation cd of 2019, but also hit real fucken high on the Hottest 100 for this year. It’s only right.

Image: Getty Images / Jo Hale