Gen Fricker Is Taking Over Triple J Arvos While Veronica Poops Out A Baby

Big news coming from Australia’s favourite youth broadcaster this afternoon, with heavily pregnant Drive presenter Veronica Milsom revealing that she will be graciously giving her baby to fellow presenter Gen Fricker.

Y’know, sort of.

‘Course the “baby” in question here is Milsom’s seat as Drive presenter, which Fricker will take for the remainder of the year while Veronica sods off to birth her *actual* baby. The human one, not the radio-show-host-job one.

That said, as far as the entirely serious and very representative video Triple J published a short while ago shows, “baby” could also potentially refer to Milsom’s co-host Lewis Hobba, so who’s to say, really.

Theoretically, Fricker just scored herself twins.

Fricker will be covering Milsom’s maternity leave for its entirety, briefly stepping away from her regular gig presenting Triple J Lunch, and her on-and-off duties filling in on Breakfast with Dylan Alcott.

In her place steps fiercely proud Ballarat local Bridget Hustwaite, who has spent stints throughout 2017 filling in on Home & Hosed as well as hosting regular overnight shifts on the J’s.

So there you go! Veronica’s off to bring unto the world an extremely precious childe, leaving Gen & Lewis as your 3pm to 5:30pm gr8 radio m8s.

Should be good!