Gang Of Youths Have Gone At Niall Horan Over Suspiciously Similar Album Art

Local legends Gang Of Youths have taken a not-so-subtle dig at Niall Horan, suggesting artwork for the former One Direction singer’s upcoming track resembles their own.

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Taking to their Instagram Story today, the lauded rock group posted a side-by-side comparison of their Say Yes To Life promotional artwork, and the design for Horan’s new tune Nice To Meet Ya.

They even tagged the lad in the post, which was thoughtful of them.

via @gangofyouths / Instagram

While it would be hard to mistake the two acts’ music – snippets of Horan’s new track, released on his Instagram, are reminiscent of Robbie Williams more than anything else – the artwork shares the same template.

Compare this:

To these:

This is not to say the “bold font over and under black-and-white image” is a particularly unique construction, as basically every hardcore band to have ever existed has utilised the same formula on their merch.

Other legendary artists have also riffed on the basic concept, and seminal albums from Johnny Cash and Massive Attack established key elements of the aesthetic well before Horan or the Youths picked it up.

Horan is yet to respond publicly to the call-out.

Nice To Meet Ya is set to appear on streaming services, artwork and all, on October 4.