Take a deep breath and try not to freak out, Aus-rock fans: lauded local act Gang of Youths are doing some very suspicious things on their social media accounts. Could it be? Dare we believe? Does this mean… new music???

If you’ve been tracking the five-piece on socials, you will have seen that they went and wiped their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter just a few days ago. This obviously kicked off some panic/wild speculation/tremulous hope. If we’ve learned anything from the big acts (looking at you, Beyoncé), this kind of thing often indicates a big announcement.

And signs are starting to look even more promising, as Gang of Youths has gone and posted two cryptic Instagram stories (as well as updating their Twitter and Facebook headers with the same images): a solitary red boxing bag hung against a white background, and a real Abbey Road-esque walking shot of the band members.



Gang of Youths last released music all the god damn way back in 2017, when they blew everyone’s hearts and minds with Go Farther In Lightness. After debuting at #1 on the ARIA charts, the album was nominated for eight ARIAs, and won four of them: Album Of The Year, Best Group, Best Rock Album and Producer of the Year (for Gang of Youths & Adrian Breakspear). The record won the Aussie group a shitload of fans for its simultaneously euphoric and heartbreaking material.

So basically, they’re toying with the feelings of a whole bunch of people who’ve been hanging out for new shit!

After all this build-up, surely – SURELY – we’re in for something good soon? We deserve it! Don’t break our hearts all over again, Gang of Youths!!!

Image: Getty Images / Scott Legato