Gaga suffers stage exhaustion

During her final number at her recent show in Auckland, New Zealand, Lady Gaga looked like she was about to pass out. It was eerily reminiscent of those moves we all pull between the hours of 3 and 4am when we’re only capable of vaguely rhythmic convulsions slightly out of tune with the music, and “all the people start to rush, start to rush by” and we’re thinking “I love this record baby but I cant see straight anymore.” Then someone comes up and kindly whispers in our ear to take ourselves home. You know how it is. It aint pretty.
Only, no-one whispered to Lady Gaga.

Maybe her fantastical outfits and heavy head-wear are starting to weigh her down. (That outfit did look heavy duty). Perhaps she’s just exhausted from pretending to be so many different caricatures of weird. Or she may have just downed 14 Zoloft before the show. Who knows? Whatever the reason, we’re concerned, because, jokes aside, we do love her.

Sure, it was a mesmerizing performance, but for reasons like, “OMG, where is Chris Angel? Is she under hypnosis?” “Wait, I think she is!”, rather than “This is an incredible, mind-blowing extravaganza of light and sound” etc etc. Maybe The Fame is getting to her, and no matter how many times she sings it, perhaps there comes a point when you really can’t Just Dance, anymore. Either way, many of us have very expensive tickets and a whole heap of excitement riding on her performance in Sydney this week. Pull through Gaga. For the love of God and people who don’t wear pants; pull through.

Check out her lethargic performance below…
Title Image by Kevin Winter via Getty