Just Some Ridic Things People Said They’d Do To Be Front Row At A Festival

As someone on the shorter side, I tend to find myself often elbowing folks in the kneecaps to get to the front of crowds – okay not really, but it certainly does feel like it when you’re surrounded by what feels like an armoured guard of towering humans.

But there are some situations where diving between people’s legs or squeezing through gaps just isn’t the right way to go about it – and don’t get me started on what your options are when you’re taller. It’s a complicated situation.

And that dynamic just heats up even more when you’re in the pressure cooker situation of trying to get to the front row at a festival. The set is about to start, the sun is baring down, crowds are milling and racing beads of sweat roll down each vertebrae of your spine in a feeble attempt to cool your desperate bod.

There’s always a tussle to get to the front so we scoped out what attendees of the Jack Daniel’s Barrel House at Falls Festival would do to nab themselves a FROW spot.

Some patrons claimed they’d be up for the classic nudie run through the park, while others were ready to walk three hours in the hot sun just to plonk themselves in the front row.

Personally I’m a big fan of the leopard-loving girl who would sell off her boyfriend to the highest bidder (sorry to that bloke, it’d be worth it though).

Oh and did we mention that a coupla lucky JD drinkers got the ultimate festival upgrade? The winning festival-goers were plucked out and given front row access – so ya know, if you wanna feel some intense FOMO and envy, this is the time.