FREELOADER FRIDAYS: We’re Giving Away 20 Tix To Download Fest In Melb & Syd

If you fancy a bit of a headbang in about a week’s time, we might be able to help you with that. Thanks to the upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter, Rage 2, we’ve got a massive 20 tickets for Download to give away.

[jwplayer vWVjZGsz]

That’s right, folks, we’ve got 10 tickets for Sydney (March 9) and 10 tickets for Melbourne (March 11), and all you need to do for a chance to win is tell us in 25 words or fewer: What’s your funniest rage quit moment? It could be a time you sucked really bad at Counter-Strike and quit in a huff or even a time when you straight-up walked out of a job for whatever reason, either way, punch it in at the bottom of this page, folks.

Let me tell you, metal mates, the Download lineup fucking owns. You got thrash metal lords Slayer playing their final shows in Australia, Judas Priest and their huge array of leather pants, Aussie legends, The Amity Affliction, punk big shots, Sum 41, and literally tons more. Suss the whole lineup below.

And if you’re keen for a bit of a break between bands, you’ll be able to check in with the Rage 2 Goonfest Marquee, where there’ll be all sorts of post-apocalyptic weirdos for you to interact with. Why not?

Due out on May 14, Rage 2 mixes open world madness with fast-paced, DOOM-like gunfights, creating a unique hybrid experience that’ll punch you right in the guts. We had a go of the game recently so if you’re keen to read more about it, smash the link below.

If you wanna beat down to the breakdown in the Code Orange pit with me, enter for your chance to win below.