Flume’s Visual Designer & More Creative Aussies Are Doing Free Mentoring Seshes On YouTube

free mentoring

It’s a confusing time, but thankfully people and organisations are taking creative and innovative measures to bring us all together in a period of uncertainty.

Youth mentorship non profit AIME is an example, earlier this week launching a weekday livestream, dubbed IMAGI-NATION TV, together with yours truly at PEDESTRIAN.TV.

It’s all about making sense of today so that we can better imagine tomorrow, and, to be fair, a little inspiration for the future is hugely welcomed (and even vital) right now.

An essential (online) gathering, if you will.

The 25-minute streams stream at midday AEDT Monday through Friday, acting as a perfect lunch-break intervention to the day’s routine and stresses – providing a sense of oneness and motivation in a particularly unusual time. You can tune in through to our YouTube channel here.

The shows are already going down a treat, having hosted big-name guests like comedian Adam Spencer, and the next few days of Imagination Week promise to be a real doozy.

Thursday, March 26

Melbourne Comedy Festival is the first festival to be featured on ‘Cancelled Not Cancelled’, with a show from Randy Feltface, sure to bring some smile to a week where we need it most.

Friday, March 27

Friday’s Artists session will have graffiti artist Jodee Knowles, illustrator and painter Shân Primrose, poet and rapper Sachem, songwriter Nat Vazer and musician Ben Lee. Gang’s all here!

Shows invite thinkers, designers, problem-solvers, teachers, artists and kids from all over to creatively engage on everything from imagination to hope and rebelliousness.

Every week will touch on different things daily:

Monday: Thinkers
Tuesday: Youngsters
Wednesday: Designers
Thursday: Keynote “Cancelled Not Cancelled”
Friday: Artists

Next week will be Hope Week, with Flume‘s visual designer Jonathan Zawada (AKA the man responsible for the car aethetics in Flume & Vera Blue‘s ‘Rushing Back’ music video) stopping by for Wednesday’s Designers session on April 1.

AIME’s founder and CEO, Jack Manning Bancroft, says that the IMAGI-NATION TV initiative hopes to help fill the hole that the coronavirus is leaving in access to education.

“This is about people coming together and with 1 billion kids set to have their education affected worldwide we want to come together and provide calmness, guidance and mentoring during these times,” he said.

“We are pumped to work with the Pedestrian family who are helping pull together and share the show with us. We are calling on all content creators to come together and work with us as we look to ensure that every kid has a mentor in their home every day.”

When you tune in, you’ll be joined by more than 40 universities, 300 schools and 8,000 marginalised kids who are involved in AIME’s Imagination Factory across six countries, as well as people globally looking to power through a trying time with a little hope and inspiration from the industry’s best.

If you’ve ever wanted a mentor, well you just got one – daily. See you at midday tomorrow and all the weekdays that follow.