Free Download – Pets With Pets Honour Neu!

Modern day Australia may be worlds away from 70’s Düsseldorf but that hasn’t stopped Pets With Pets from channeling the hypnotic gait of the Motorik. In homage to Krautrock pioneers Neu! the shambolic Melbourne duo joined the likes of Primal Scream, LCD Soundystem, Foals, Ciccone Youth and Holy Fuck on the “Brand Neu” compilation released earlier this year. Their contribution, “We Only Found This Place”, takes Krautrock’s propulsive rhythm section and imbues it with that quintessential DIY Melbourne charm, kinda like riding a tram down the Autobahn with someone screaming in your ear.

Pets With Pets – “We Only Found This Place”
Pets With Pets – “The Girl Up And Down”