In case you’ve buried your head in the most soundproof of sand for, oh, a good four years now, you may be surprised to learn Frank Ocean still hasn’t released a record since Channel Orange. 

Sure, he’s been around the place, likely chucking hectic doughies in a souped-up BMW e30, but it was only a few days ago the enigmatic R’n’B savant’s camp revealed Boys Dont Cry is a) something that exists, and b) is something that will be released very shortly.

We’ve been hurt before and we’ll likely be hurt again, but it’s almost worth it for this bloke, especially when a supposedly leaked track list features like likes of Lorde, Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper and a Andre Three-fucking-Thousand:

Doubting the authenticity of that image, despite the patently Frank album cover? Well, you have every right to, but peep this tweet from Chance himself:

Frank Ocean’s Track List May Have Leaked Feat. Kendrick, Lorde & Chance

In any case, the record is expected imminently. Get hype stay hype.

Source and photo: @AzizSaidThat / Twitter.