Former Leonardo’s Bride Singer Fails To Move The Voice Judges

The former Leonardo’s Bride chanteuse best known for a ubiquitous late 90s ballad about loving someone even if they were to steal the blanket or breathe with their mouth open, “Even When I’m Sleeping”, failed to proceed past the blind audition stages of The Voice last night. Singer Abby Dobson sang a solid rendition of “Do Right Woman Do Right Man” by Aretha Franklin but failed to convince the judges, proving once and for all that you shouldn’t try at anything “the voice” itself is more important that a compelling in-show narrative producers could definitely leverage some spin out of.   

The ensuing appraisals of an APRA Song of the Year winning and ARIA nominated singer provided some amusing but ultimately depressing comments from people who had no idea who she was.

“I think it was too much song. That is a big song.” Seal said. “You know, you have
what it takes, and I know that you’ll take this experience and you’ll
keep doing what you do.”

That would be releasing albums in French and not giving a fuck. You have balls of steel Abby Dobson.