Foals New Album Preview – Free Download

Oxford quintet Foals are currently working on the follow up to their 2008 debut, the tirelessly kinetic, math-infused “Antidotes”.

And in keeping with the holiday spirit the band have offered fans free downloads of three brand new demos, the cryptically titled: A FUTURE DUB, A FUTURE DUB DEUX, and XCFAVA.

Frontman Yannis Philippakis explains:

We’re now well + truly rested. And have started work on The House of Supreme Mathematics a.k.a The Stables a.k.a H.O.M.E. we’ve been plastering walls, arguing over the best bedroom, carrying out rusty ovens and assembling an armoury the like of which has never been seen before..definitely not in Oxxxford. My brother gave me loads of old school hip hop for xmas so Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Dre have been the primary aural treat of the last few weeks.

Work is continuing on writing the next record. Which is sounding less and less surf the colder it gets. surprisingly. I’m willing to buy sunshine off any friendly mammals in the Southern Hemisphere…RSVP

Anyway I figured it’s time to embrace the transparency of the Modern World (TM) and expose some snippets of what we’ve been working on. I think Jimmy will start doing the same when he’s back from his Alpine Adventure Holiday. Most of this stuff is me messing round late at night lonely on a loop pedal. It’s for the most part formless and semi-instrumental. Figures i guess…..Anyway i thought it’s be exciting to open the process to y’all as it goes on… so expect lots more stuff popping up on here: