Flume’s Dropped Two Docos On How He Became An Absolute Champ 

Aussie muso champ Flume, real name – Harley Edward Streten – has just released a coupla bloody quality docos about the last six years on the road to glory.

Posting to his socials Flume wrote,

“The last six years have been a ride. We squished that journey down into two 45 minute documentaries (directed by Nicolas Wrathall).” 

The two docos are named When Everything Was New and Sleepless: The Story of Future Classic and they’re both exclusively available on Apple Music. So, well, time to sign up to Apple.

Those doco names are definitely nods to his musical journey. ‘Cos even though the Flume we know now is playing to crowds in the hundreds of thousands, he definitely didn’t start there.

Cop the below for the trailer and surprise, surprise it’s filled with Flume’s aesthetic vibes.

The 26-year-old first took the same route as many young musos these days – Triple J Unearthed. There, Flume unleashed Possum, his first radio play. Then, Australian record company Future Classic signed the young lad after he won an original artists comp.

What came next? Sleepless, Over You, and Paper Thin. 

Come 2012, Flume released his self-titled album – an album made on his bloody laptop. And not just any laptop, the first ever laptop he purchased on his own. This baby had Let Alone on it with none other than Chet Faker and Holdin On which was such a tune of the year.

Unsurprisingly the album hit number one on the Australian iTunes charts.

Since then, Flume’s just been absolutely smashing it with tours, multiple hits, awards, oh and then he went and played a casual set at Coachella where he debuted his remix of Lorde‘s Tennis Court. No biggie.

Safe to say he’s had a very successful start to his career and the dude’s only 26.

You can grab yourself a copy of the docos HERE.