Florence + The Machine (AKA Florence Welch) concert in Berlin registered a tremor the magnitude of a small earthquake. Remind me to wear my comfiest, most stable shoes when she travels Down Under.

Florence was playing at the Tempelhof Sounds festival in Berlin earlier this week. The festival takes place in the abandoned Tempelhof Airport and sounds, in a word, sick.

Oh to be at a summer festival in Berlin absolutely vibing down the house to Florence + The Machine.

At around 9PM, attendees at the concert reported feeling “vibrations” according to German publication rbbl24.

Let’s be honest, if you’re going to a Florence + The Machine concert you’re obviously going to throw some absolute shapes. I will be enthusiastically flinging my way round the dancefloor as soon as “My Love” comes on and I’m not ashamed to say it.

According to rbbl24, three different private seismological stations registered the dance-quake, which was around 1.4 magnitude on the Richter scale. Folks living in the area also reported the tremors. Florence’s impact, truly.

A data analyst called Jens Skapski spoke to the publication, pointing out Berlin doesn’t usually experience earthquakes so the size of the tremor was pretty unusual.

“It’s equivalent to a small earthquake,” Skapski said.

“A natural earthquake would be shorter and with a higher frequency”.

UPROXX worked out exactly what point of the setlist Florence + The Machine was at during the tremor.

Apparently she would have been performing either “Dogs Days Are Over” or “Free” — two certified bangers which you simply have to do flowy-arm and stompy-feet dancing to.

Honestly, I challenge you to listen to either of those songs without vigorously bopping. It is simply impossible.

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In fact Florence + the Machine reference the accidental earthquake of it all. In an Insta Story she screenshotted articles about the ‘quake and captioned it “whoops”.

In An Earth-Shakingly Good Berlin Gig, Florence + The Machine Triggered A 1.4 Magnitude Tremor

Look, you know your music is certified 10/10 if people are jumping to it enthusiastically enough to cause an earthquake. That’s all I’ll say.

It’s an even more intense version of when the Enmore Theatre floor collapsed in a Genesis Owusu concert during Sydney’s incredibly rainy weather.

Let’s just hope our venues are reinforcing their floorboards before Florence tours Australia in 2023.

Image: Getty Images / Jana Legler / Contributor