Tramar Dillard, also known as Flo Rida (the man made of 80% chest and 20% terrible), has made legal/internetz history after being served with a legal damages claim to the value of $100,000 via Facebook.

After failing to show up at the Fat As Butter festival in Newcastle in October, promoters Mothership Music obtained permission from the NSW District Court to impose an interim order on Flo Rida’s Australian assets – effectively freezing $80,000 worth of goods – including the $55,000 appearance fee for headlining the F.A.B. festival, $5000 worth of apple bottom jeans (jeans), and $20,000 worth of boots with the fur (with the fur). Mothership is also filing for additional compensation to their reputation that could see the claim exceed $100,000.

A substituted service order granted by the court also enabled Mothership to serve Flo Rida his lawsuit via Facebook after they failed to get close enough in person during his recent appearance at the Logies. With a torso that heavily lathered in baby oil, that comes as no surprise.

The message, which appears to have since been removed, reads Mothership is “seeking damages for breach of contract… [for] your non-appearance on 22 October 2011 at the ‘Fat as Butter’ Concert. If you do not file a defence to these proceedings within 28 days of service, the Court may enter judgment against you without any further notice to you.” All this delivered by Facebook message, instead of the usual (and much more entertaining) Pineapple Express method:

Via The Herald Sun