If, like us, your television-watching experience has been crippled by the void left from the devastatingly-premature ending of Flight Of The Conchords and its weird Kiwi jokes, Greg and animal-themed pullovers, all may not necessarily be lost. Discussions are reportedly under way to bring a live version of the series to Australia and New Zealand next year.

This recent glimmer of hope has come from marijuana advocate and Australian television regular Arj Barker, who played electronics re-sale specialist and possible virgin Devjeet “Dave” Mohumbhai on Conchords. Barker told the Sydney Morning Herald today, “I always tell them they should come down here because the live show would go down really well.”

It seems the busy work schedules of Bret and Jemaine have prevented them from making the trip to the Southern Hemisphere with Jemaine confirmed as a star of the forthcoming Men In Black 3D as the lead villain, and Bret involved in the music for the Jason Segel’s Muppets movie.

Barker also spoke of hopes for other prospective projects for the Conchords crew including possibly a third series or a movie: “I wouldn’t rule it out because the band Flight Of The Conchords has never broken up.” Amen to that.

By Jordan Kretchmer