Science is yet to figure out what it is about the geography of New Zealand that makes each and every Kiwi funnier and nicer than us in every way but no one can deny that it is definitely the case. New Zealand’s gentle, low-key comedic sensibility has rarely been better typified than in Flight of the Conchords, two beautiful, awkward nerds making beautiful, awkward songs with incredibly deft, awkward skills.

Although we’ve seen them pop up in a bunch of movies and TV shows, we haven’t had a new musical release from the duo since a single in 2012 and no TV content since the show wrapped up way back in 2009, leaving a hole in my heart shaped very specifically like one medium-sized man and a noticably smaller man.

It looks like that dry spell is about to be broken, though, with Jemaine Clement telling ET that the duo is filming an hour-long special this year: “We’re going to film a little something this year. We’re going to shoot an hour thing.

The answer was in response specifically to a question from Leanne Aguilera about whether the HBO show will have a revival, which adds some weight to the idea that it might be a continuation of the TV series, but Clement declined to answer whether or not it would be with HBO, which leaves open the possibility that it might be something else entirely.

So in summary: we have no idea what it is or when we are going to get it, but at least we can take heart knowing that (whatever it is) it will maybe exist one day. To tide you over for now, please enjoy the incredibly wonderful song that Clement did for Rick and Morty:

Image: Getty Images / Jason Merritt