With summer finally pissing off and the temps beginning to cool (in theory), there’s several things we can start looking forward to from the coming chilly months. 

Trakkie daks, ‘Game of Thrones‘ returning, not bursting into flames every time the sun rears its head, and of course the annual “pretty lights on buildings” festival that is VIVID Sydney.

Once again the CBD and surrounds will burst into colour and fill the harbour city with slow-moving people in puffy Northface jackets going “ooooooh” at projected light, as well as some reliably kick arse music events as part of VIVID Live, the first of which has been announced this morning; none other than US indie-folk veterans Fleet Foxes.

The legendary outfit, whose self-titled debut is considered one of the definitive releases of the 00’s indie era, will be premiering new material at their Sydney Opera House gigs at the end of May, which will be the first new stuff since their 2011 LP ‘Helplessness Blues’. (Is that the most ~indie~ album title of all time? Yes.)

It will also be the band’s first live show in five whole bloody years, with frontman Robin Pecknold saying, “We are unbelievably excited to perform songs from our new album, and to revisit songs from across our catalogue, at the Sydney Opera House in May.”

Now in it’s ninth year, VIVID takes over Sydney from the 26th of May to the 16th of June, with the full festival lineup and activities (I hear there’ll be a purple light this year!) being announced later this month.

Until then you can get the full dates and deets for Fleet Foxes here, and maybs start practicing your lighter holding technique in preparation for hearing this beaut song IRL:

Picture: Supplied.