British genius/avatar of an ancient Fae goddess FKA twigs is BACK, BABY. After three years of silence from the singer/songwriter/dancer/visual artist, she has burst back into public consciousness with the deeply weird and profoundly moving single ‘Cellophane‘, in all its CGI-enhanced, eye-popping pole-dancing glory.

The video features the artist in a spectacular pole routine, one which she apparently worked on for a year before filming.

With exaggerated foley – the sound of glass on glass as she walks the stage in towering platform shoes, the unnaturally amplified collapse of her robe on the floor – and twigs exploring a lower and throatier singing register to much of her previous work, both the video and the song are transportive in the way we’ve come to expect from the ‘Two Weeks‘ singer.

The song and clip come almost a year after twigs revealed that she’d had six fibroid tumours removed via laparoscopy, and posted a video of her returning to her dance practice.

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dear friends, I am a very private person as u all know and I have gone back and forth in my mind whether to share that this year I have been recovering from laparoscopic surgery to remove 6 fibroid tumours from my uterus. the tumours were pretty huge, the size of 2 cooking apples ???? ????, 3 kiwis ???? ???? ???? and a couple of ????????. a fruit bowl of pain everyday. the nurse said that the weight and size was like being 6 months pregnant. I tried to be brave but it was excruciating at times and to be honest I started to doubt if my body would ever feel the same again. I had surgery in December and I was so scared, despite lots of love from friends and family I felt really alone and my confidence as a woman was knocked. but… today whilst dancing with Kelly at the choreography house I felt like my strong self again for the first time in a while and it was magical. thank you precious body for healing, thank you for reminding me to be kind to myself, you are a wonderful thing, now go create and be other once again <3 I know that a lot of women suffer from fibroid tumours and I just wanted to say after my experience that you are amazing warriors and that you are not alone. you can get through this. and with this I let go of the pain… love always twigs ????

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The video is directed by Bjork collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang, and is an immersive exercise in the surreal which I plan to watch every day for the rest of my life. Fans are going absolutely berko, as you’d imagine.

See the whole magical madness for yourself right here, and if you’re lucky, catch twigs in the flesh at this year’s Dark Mofo festival in Hobart.