Forget orange witches hats and street signs, loose units are now waking up to life-sized cardboard cutouts of Fisher in their possession, delighting everyone but the grog shop they nicked it from.

The emerging trend, aptly known as ‘Fishin’ for Fisher’ has resulted in multiple cutouts of the big fish himself stolen from bottle shops around the country by cooked fans who are embedding him into their sharehouses by any means possible.

The big cardboard cutouts are meant to be in-store advertisements for Paul Fisher‘s new seltzer — Hard FIZZ — but instead, people are nicking off with the cardboard versions of the DJ as a trophy from their successful hoon.

Cast your eyes upon this utter masterpiece of a sharehouse artwork. Note the finesse of the silver duct tape holding the cutout to the side of the building, with the artist working with multiple surfaces and mediums to created this found object mixed media creations.

fisher cutout cardboard
[Image: Supplied]
The inclusion of an actual tinnie taped into the faux Fisher’s hand elevates the artwork into a three-dimensional piece, perhaps a commentary on bringing the sesh from a 2D platform (the group chat) into a physical form (talking shit around the back table at 2am).

Fisher himself has been tickled bloody pink with the knowledge that fully fried fans are theiving the big cardboard cutouts for their interior (and sometimes exterior) designs and prank fodder.

“Someone told me it’s called, ‘Fishin’ for Fisher’ and I think that’s hilarious,” Fisher said.

“I’ve got no idea why anyone would want my mug at their joint but if it puts a smile on their face, I say happy days.

“I saw one vid where some poor bloke was trying to go the dunny and there’s me, just blocking the way.”

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Apparently, Fisher’s own mum even got done in by one of the cardboard cutouts at the shops, accidentally mistaking the display for her very real and not-at-all-flat child.

“She was apparently at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast and thought I was just posing for a photo with a fan,” he said.

“The woman gave birth to me – even from a distance, you’d think she’d know the real Fish from a bit of cardboard.”

I suppose this weekend’s challenge has been set, then. Godspeed and happy fishing.

Image: Supplied