Field Day Promoter Rips Shreds Off Petition To Change RL Grime’s 5pm Slot

One very upset RL Grime fan, who’s exceedingly unhappy with Field Day festival promoters Fuzzy for giving the king of trap a 5pm time slot, has started a petition to get them to change it.

“RL Grime has been given the 5pm slot at Field Day which is basically an insult for an artist of his talent,” writes petition organiser Dean Evans. “Being one of the best, if not the best artist on the lineup he deserves to close Field Day or at least have a slot after 7pm.”

To make the transition easier for Fuzzy, he even suggested a new lineup:

“RL then BOYZ NOIZE then ZEDS DEAD, WOULD BE PERFECT. RL has already had two sold out shows in Sydney this year alone” – the first of which sold out in 24 hours – “which obviously shows his significance at Field Day.”

At the time of writing the petition has almost 700 signatures, or approximately 0.0025% of Field Day’s 28,000 attendees. (Not that all signees are going to Field Day, but you get the drift.)

In an email from Fuzzy to Evans, obtained by PEDESTRIAN.TV, Fuzzy director John Wall confirms RL Grime’s set time “definitely won’t be changed” (surprise!) for a number of v. legitimate reasons:

“We’re sorry that you there is something wrong with the current set time and we appreciate your effort to communicate this to us and to try to get us to change it.

“However, it definitely won’t be changed, for a number of reasons:

  1. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with the current time, it is 5 hours after doors open. We’ve had bigger acts play earlier without them or any customers complaining.
  2. “There is no musical reason to move him later amongst the house acts, musically he fits much better where he is.
    Almost nobody arrives at Field Day later than 5pm – the place will be full, he’ll play to a capacity crowd and he doesn’t clash with anyone similar on other stages. His set time is in no way the slightest bit disrespectful.
  3. “We have contracted the acts to play the times they are playing and would be in breach of contract with other acts if we move them.
  4. “This years’ Field Day set times are about the most positively received we’ve had. As you are a big RL Grime fan and you know a lot of other fans, you think that he is the most important artist playing. However he isn’t as popular with Field Day ticket buyers as Disclosure, Flight Facilities or Golden Features. As well as not making musical sense, moving him would make other people less happy with the set times.

“It’s a shame that you and your friends think there’s something wrong with a main stage, peak time set for your favourite act.

“If he was on an hour or two after doors you’d have a point, but that’s not the case here.”

Look, Dean, buddy, we feel ya’, but this was a long-shot. RL Grime is closing the stage at FOMO in Queensland, though, maybe just hit that one up instead?

FYI mates, Field Day is sadly sold-out. Gumtree may be your best bet.

Pictures: Field Day.