P.TV Quizzed Field Day Punters On How They’ll Be A Better Human In 2018

Ringing in the new year is routinely all about declaring how much of a better version of yourself you’re going to be, now that you’ve cast the shitty old version of you aside as the clock ticks over to January 1st and the metaphorical page/leaf is turned.

PEDESTRIAN.TV hit Sydney‘s Field Day on New Years’ Day, asking you lot what your resolutions are, and how you’re going to be a better person in 2018 because god forbid we have another year like the last couple.

Really, it’s so bloody easy to be a kinder person this year – both to others and to yourself. Start donating to a charity, volunteer with a local group, stop reading the comments, take time to do something that makes you feel good.

Cook for your friends. Spend time in the sun. Read a bunch of books. Log the hell off.

Happy 2018, and may your resolutions last longer than January 30.