Fever Ray Covers Nick Cave

We’re still mentally recovering from Fever Ray’s last bat shit crazy music video, “Seven”, a brooding spine tingler that starred a shaman, a senile cat lady and some farm animals (television executives there’s a sitcom premise in there somewhere!). So we were tentative to watch her newie for “Stranger Than Fiction” a cover of Australia’s own Dark Prince Nick Cave.

After agreeing that “Stranger Than Fiction” would be more traumatic than the Will Ferrell movie of the same name but way more awesome, we decided to proceed. Unsurprisingly the video draws from the same party bag of religious iconography, references to the occult and skin crawling foreboding as its younger siblings but combines it with a Salem-esque chopped and screwed bounce that feels like drowning, descending into a k-hole or drowning because you had too much K at the beach. In which case, you deserve to die because who does K at a beach? Anyway, the resulting Goth orgy between Australia’s Dark Prince and the closest thing modern music has to a real life witch is blacker than Lucifer’s coffee and just as potent. And there ain’t nothing scary about that.