Fat As Butter Promoter Liquidated As “Prime Dickhead” Flo Rida Avoids Fine For No-Show

Now this is low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low. Mothership Music Pty Ltd, promoter of NSW festival Fat As Butter has gone into voluntary liquidation after rapper and douchebag Flo Rida weaselled out of paying $400,000 in damages and legal fees for his 2011 headlining slot no-show.

Mothership Music sued Flo Rida after he famously failed to turn up to perform at the 2011 festival, with organisers saying he threw a “hissy fit” after his Sydney accommodation wasn’t up to his standards. The New South Wales District Court ordered him to pay $380,400 in damages and $37,745 in legal fees, with the promoter being allowed to serve him his papers via Facebook after they weren’t able to get in touch with him through traditional means. However the New South Wales Court of Appeal yesterday ruled in Flo Rida’s favour, since it could not be certain that the Facebook page was his, or if it was, that he ever checked it. Mothership Music owed over $200,000 to the Australian Tax Office and other debtors, and was relying on a win in the Flo Rida case to be able to pay its bills.

Fat As Butter, a separate legal entity from Mothership Music, remains unaffected by the ruling and will go ahead in October, according to a statement from organisers on the festival’s website. “We’d like to guarantee and 100% confirm that its business as usual for Fat As Butter”, the statement reads, adding that “Flo Rida is still a prime dickhead,and it would take a lot more than someone like him to stop this awesome festival.”

The festival has taken it one step further, announcing a competition on their Facebook page inviting fans to post drawings “depicting [Flo Rida] as we all feel”, with the best entry being turned into a life-size effigy that will be sacrificially burnt at this year’s festival, ridding Fat As Butter of his “slimy presence” once and for all. An awesome and fitting way to send off a massive dickhead.