Falls Festival Is Off This Year So Nominate Someone In The Group Chat To Throw A House Party

If you and your pals are festival gremlins who love nothing more than ringing in the new year sweaty, muddy, and boogying to local and international music acts, I have some sad news for you. Falls Festival is taking a break and will not be happening in 2023.

This morning, the festival team announced the bittersweet news on their IG by posting the following, slightly chaotic pic.

(Image Credit: Instagram / Falls Festival @fallsfestival)

“After an impressive 28 years ringing in the New Year with some of the world’s biggest acts, the Falls team are today switching on their OOOs and taking this New Years’ season off to rest, recover and recalibrate,” the team wrote in the caption.

“We send huge love and appreciation to all our patrons for their ongoing support and for the great vibes they brought to the 2022/23 events. You really are the heart and soul of Falls Festival, and we look forward to updating you with our plans when the time is right. Cya Soon! Love Falls.”

I know that it’s a bummer to have to find different plans for New Year’s Eve, but our friends at Falls clearly need a break. Plus, they’re giving us months to alert the group chat and plan a rager at your mate’s grimiest share house and will be back in full force next year.

Who would have thought that Falls Festival would inspire me to be better with my own boundaries?