Falls Festival has officially canned its big New Years gigs for end of the 2020 Hellscape Year. Time to find a backup plan to ceremoniously boot 2020 out the door and usher in 2021, friends.

After planning to bring an “all Aussie” festival to Byron Bay, Fremantle, and Lorne, the Falls Fest team has now put the entire thing on a raincheck until further notice.

They’ve cited the “current status of things” and the border restrictions as the reason for pulling the pin on the end-of-year blowout, assuring punters that they’re working hard to get the festival back into the calendar as soon as it’s safe enough to do so.

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Dear Falls Fam, #FallsFestival will no longer be taking place this year. In May, as the nation seemed to be moving into recovery mode, we were optimistic about forging ahead and supporting our local industry with an all Aussie edition of Falls Festival. We were especially excited to reunite many live music fans, get industry crew back on the job, and contribute to the economies of the communities where Falls takes place. However, given the current status of things and border restrictions in place, it won’t be possible to hold Falls Festival in our regular New Year’s timeframe. As we work with government stakeholders and key agencies to get Falls Festival back in the calendar, as always your safety is our priority. Consider this a raincheck, and please know we will be back with more information as it comes to hand. In the meantime, we’re sending love to our Victorian Falls community. Hang in there! And to all of our Falls fam, stay well and safe. We hope to be with you all again soon. ❤️ Big Love Falls xx ????: Dave Kan

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The Falls team have promised they’ll be back as soon as more information comes to hand, and whether the festival’s rainchecks can be redeemed sometime in the future.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more about the future of Falls Festival, but until then, start planning how you’re going to celebrate 2020 fucking off for good. Maybe just have a gentle hoon at home, or go sit in a park and do a ritual burning of all your momentos from this year.

Image: Charlie Hardy