Fall Out Boy’s Done The Official ‘Ghostbusters’ Theme & They’ve Fucked It

You’ve made a terrible mistake coming here, pal. A terrible, awful mistake. We’d advise you turn back now, lest you want to give up your aural happiness and maybe perhaps your life. 

Fall Out Boy announced at the beginning of June that they had a song on the soundtrack for the new ‘Ghostbusters’ film, and that they’d collaborated with Missy Elliott

There’s very clearly been a vast array of … lets just say ‘concerned’ reactions to the existence of the gender-flipped ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot. That is neither here nor there in this article, because we have far scarier things to worry about now – the soundtrack. 
You can’t go wrong with a shittily-produced pop punk song with one of the laziest rap verses you’ve ever heard slapped in the middle, right? (Look, we’re just upset.)
Here it is, be careful. We’ll pray 4 u:
Okay, calm down. We’re sorry. 
Alright, we probably deserved that. 

Source: Youtube.