Aussie Artists Now Make Dosh Every Time You Use The Insta Story Song Sticker

A leading Australian music industry body has secured a deal with Facebook ensuring that local artists are paid every single time their music is used on the site and its related apps.

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Basically, that means every time you post a personal, non-commercial video on Facebook using an Aussie artist’s music in the background, or slap one of those nifty song stickers on your Instagram Story, the folks behind the music will be getting paid.

It also means that the music of local artists can be featured in your Facebook and Instagram content without fear of copyright violations. Win-win!

APRA AMCOS, an industry organisation which deals with music rights management for its 95,000-odd members, today announced the new deal and vouched for its potential impact in a rapidly-changing media environment.

In a statement, APRA AMCOS chief executive Dean Ormston said the deal will protect local artists “amid new developments in music consumption”.

The deal echoes a similar agreement Facebook struck with all of the major American music labels earlier this year, which bolstered developments like the Instagram Story song sticker.

The exact details regarding remuneration and the vast data analysis needed to facilitate the plan are not currently clear, and it seems somewhat unlikely that slapping a Gang Of Youths track on your moody Story will result in a massive payday for the act.

Still, the framework for the deal seems necessary at a time when traditional album sales have bottomed out, and when streaming has absolutely absorbed the music industry.

Get posting, mates.