Folks, there’s a lot to hate about this country. 

In fact, considering our continuing mistreatment of Indigenous people and refugees, growing levels of income inequality, and current inaction re: climate change, it’s becoming harder and harder to find something to actually like about Australia, 2017.

But taking the piss? No country on Earth takes the piss as well as we do.

Eyewitness To Nollsie’s Arrest Now Says Punters Belted Out ‘What About Me?’

Continuing this fine tradition were, reportedly, some punters at Adelaide’s Crazy Horse Revue strip club last Sunday morning. 

You’ll remember that one Shannon Noll was arrested and ultimately charged with assault after he unsuccessfully attempted to re-enter the club. Nollsie had had enough, you see, and wanted his share (of whatever happened to get him kicked out of the club in the first place).

Now, to top off the borderline disturbing footage we already have of the incident itself, new statements from witnesses have added some even more juice to this already quite juicy yarn.

As 19-year-old on-looker Alastair Longmuir said, Nollsie was “yelling and screaming and being really aggressive” as security denied him re-entry:


 “He was saying, ‘I’m Shannon Noll. Let me back into the Crazy Horse’.”

“As he was thrown to the ground these strangers started singing What About Me to him.”

In lieu of footage, please picture the following gif with hoons doing the singing and Nollsie instead being taken down by guards and police. 

Eyewitness To Nollsie’s Arrest Now Says Punters Belted Out ‘What About Me?’

While this statement is the only evidence we currently have of the singing, yet unsung, heroes, it actually seems less likely that no one would drunkenly belt out Nollsie’s hit during the incident.

Australia: more heckling of screaming, wrestling celebrities, please and thank you.

Source: 9News.

Photo: Youtube.