Exclusive: Chilling With MS MR

New York based chillwave duo MS MR recently got stuck into an Artist Residency at La Casa, Corona’s idyllic beach-side recording studio and all round chill joint where we would rather be right now.

Vocalist Lizzy Plapinger and Producer Max Hershenow took some time between soaking in the vibes to chat about the next record, their growth as a band, making friends on the road, Lizzy’s vocals and the fame game. Read the Q&A and check out the sun-kissed bliss from their time spent up at Byron in both photo and video form below:

How was your time at La Casa, and what was your overall impression of Byron Bay?

We had an AMAZING time at La Casa. We were only there for one day and two nights around our Splendour in the Grass show, so we didn’t spend a ton of time in town, but we did get to swim in the ocean and drink in the Australian beach culture a bit (both literally and figuratively).

What was a typical day at La Casa like for you guys?

Since we only spent one day there, it wasn’t a typical residency, but the day we were there the Palma Violets came over and we spent the day drinking beer and playing in the studio downstairs between swim breaks. It was exactly like we imagined it being 🙂

Was it a productive residency? Did you manage to write new material that you really like?

We didn’t write anything, but it inspired our tour manager to buy the same model of organ that’s at the studio – we’re planning on using it on the next record.

Generally, do you guys do much songwriting when you’re on tour?

Not really – they’re definitely two different head spaces but we’re trying to incorporate the two a bit more.

You’ve traveled a bunch as a touring band. What are some of your favourite places (and why)?

Not to pander, but Australia is honestly one of our favorite places. Both tours there (and especially the Splendour show) have been incredible experiences – everyone is so nice and ready for a good time at the shows! We also love Berlin and Austin, Texas.

How does Australia differ from the other parts of the world you’ve visited?

We’ve often said Australia is the perfect blend of North American and European culture. Even though it’s out in the middle of nowhere, it feels really cosmopolitan (expensive!) and really on the cutting edge in terms of musical taste. Again, some of our favorite shows have been there.

What’s the hardest or most challenging aspect of touring?

Not having any alone time and never getting enough sleep.

When are you coming back to play in Australia?

We don’t have any concrete plans, but as soon as possible! Max and our manager also want to get a house there for a few weeks after this record cycle…if it ever ends haha.

What about new material? When do you plan to release new stuff?

Again, no concrete plans, but we’ll be back in the studio early next year!

Residency: MSMR from Corona Extra on Vimeo.

La Casa was conceived as a place for various creative folks – musicians, artists, designers and surfers – to escape, find inspiration, jam and make art. To date, La Casa has hosted residencies of bands like the Delta Riggs, Alpine, Goons of Doom, Oh Mercy and Angus Stone, visual artists David Bromley and Todd DiCiurcio, and random drops-in from Kelly Slater to multi-talented twosome Ozzie Wright and Mylee Grace.

For more MS MR head to msmrsounds.com or follow them on FB.

MS MR – Fantasy from MS MR on Vimeo.