This weekend just gone, some New Yorkers became (understandably) mildly perplexed by the following:

While it looked, admittedly, dope as hell, it was also a bit confusing, given that the website for the Empire State Building said that, on that night, all that would happen was a change of the lights to blue and orange in support of NHL team the New York Islanders. Between the flashing, crazy-ass lights and the helicopters, it obviously somewhat exceeded that brief.

Lots of theories were put forward as to what could have been the cause: Hackers. Aliens. Eminem. From the work of some incredibly busy internet sleuths, it seems almost certain that that last one is correct, and that the technicolour antics of the landmark building were all for the sake of a music video.

Fan account Debating Eminem posted a screenshot of a now-deleted post to Instagram from director James Larese, who has worked with Eminem before:

While this doesn’t conclusively link it to Eminem, there were a few other tidbits:

Art director Josh Namdar also posted to Instagram about the event, attributing the lights to Eminem, but later clarified that he wasn’t affiliated with the music video, he just asked a doorman what was going on.

Image: Twitter / @Daphss