Empire Of The Sun Retrieve Masks From Steresonic Thieves

Relax everyone, Empire Of the Sun have found their swordfish masks.

The costumes were infamously nicked from the band during the Sydney leg of Stereosonic last weekend, after which we reported the promoters embarking on a massive electronic manhunt to find the two guys responsible. Coincidentally further photos offered up by punters revealed that the thieves had AAA access to the festival, but given that the 60,000 person festival also received a visit from the Riot Police, nobody’s giving them points for proper management.

The story managed to make front-page news and go viral across both Facebook and Twitter, with some fans commenting that EoTS managed to score themselves a very cheap social media campaign out of the incident. Perhaps more alarming is the commotion caused over two masks which would have cost maybe a thousand bucks each maximum to replace, when EoTS’ appearance fee at a festival is likely twenty to thirty times that amount. Buy yourselves some new masks, lads, or claim theft on insurance like the rest of us. As one online critic remarked “There are children dying in Sudan and we’re worrying about this?”

Job well done. Now go write another record, already. We’ve seen this one for what, 3 years?

(They could probably buy a whole aquarium by now.)

via EoTS

Title Image by Kyle Dean Reinford via Getty