Eminem’s Daughter Has A Super-Positive Twitter

Remember Hailie Mathers? She’s Eminem‘s daughter, the one he spent most of his late twenties rapping about and now she’s a TEENAGER. We feel both creepy and old.

The younger Mathers recently had her Twitter account verified, and though her account might be called @Angry_Blonde (wonder where she got that idea), the fifteen year old spends most of her time quoting historical figures (Anne Frank, Ralph Waldo Emerson) and offering surprisingly astute positive reinforcement to her 5,493 followers. She’s pretty much a bad-ass Justin Bieber. And she hates Justin Bieber.

Hailie was always going to be a celebrity child; her Dad’s written a ton of songs for and about her, and he’s the most likeable dude on the planet right now. Whether she turns into a miniature homicidal maniac remains to be seen, but right now we’re just happy she’s not Rebecca Black.

via PopEater.