5 Emerging Musos That I Predict Will Be Playing At All The ‘Uge Festivals Within A Year

I’m what you’d call a self-proclaimed prophet because I’m rarely wrong about my various predictions.

Just last week, I predicted that I’d blow all of my money on the weekend and, until payday, would have to break into mum and dad’s home when they were at work to swipe food. Eerily enough, I was 100% correct.

My latest prediction as the modern-day Nostradamus falls in the realm of music. I recently got wind of a few artists who I (very credibly) sense are in it for the long haul.

If you need new tunes to drown out your nagging conscience or you just wanna give some love to up-and-coming talent, feel free to have a peruse before they blow up. Not that some of them haven’t already played major festivals, I know this because I know all, but you know…just, don’t question me.



If you found yourself at Gaytimes Festival a few months back, there’s a strong chance you stumbled across HANDSOME absolutely belting it out on stage.

The Sydney-based muso has been a Double J fave for a while now and after her latest single, Delete You, I guarantee she’ll be booking slots left, right and centre.

Strong tune: Delete You

Saint Lane

Just, listen to Compliment My Shirt. And everything else Saint Lane has on Spotify.

You won’t regret it.

Strong tune: Compliment My Shirt


If you’re looking for some choons that’ll give you instant sweaty palms, Choomba are your go-to boys.

The techno-cousins have had multiple tracks end up on the insanely popular House Nation Youtube channel, so they’ve pretty much already made it in my eyes. Still highly worth a listen, though.

Strong tune: Way Out



I’m kicking myself for not being over this like a rash earlier but better late than never, I suppose.

Kinder are another blood-related duo who have been releasing banger after banger, so keep an eye out for their set at Listen Out later in the month.

That wasn’t a suggestion either. Do it or I’ll come for you.

Strong tune: What You’re Like

Eagle Eye Jones

Eagle Eye Jones have just come off the back of their EP launch and all signs point to legends-in-the-making.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly who the five-piece sound like, which, in my eyes, is what you’re looking for in new bands.

Strong tune: Bad Omens