Sir Elton John Told A Pair Of Security Guards To “Fuck Off” At His Perth Show & Go Off, King

Sir Elton John kicked off his final lap of honour around Australia in Perth last night and halted the show between songs to call a couple of security guards out as they attempted to escort a fan out of the venue. Imagine watching two burly seccos trying to wrangle someone’s mum who’s three sheets to the wind on a bottle of savvy b, meanwhile Elton John is calling the blokes every name under the sun. Turds! Morons! Cunts!

You simply love to see it.

[jwplayer ltVtc0z9]

At HBF Park in Perth on Sunday night, Elton John gave the security team a massive serve as they apparently aggressively escorted a female fan out of the huge crowd.

Footage from the gig has emerged, where you can hear Elton – clearly pissed off about it – lambasting the security guards, telling them to “fuck off”, before calling them “turds”, “morons”, “pieces of shit” and demanding that the woman be let back in immediately.

“Hey, you two security guards, fuck off,” he said, before the drummer decided that was a perfect time to deliver a rim shot.

“Morons, both of ’em. Morons. You don’t treat girls like that.”

There’s plenty of folks cheering and laughing in the crowd, but I’m very not sorry to folks like Lynn here who promptly left after Elton’s spray.

Sorry doll, hope ya had a good night.

It’s not known why exactly the fan was being escorted out of the show – whether she had attempted to approach the stage or not – or whether she was allowed to stay at the demands of Elton himself (because who in their right mind would say no?) but it’s good to know that Elton John is saying a big hooroo to Australia in probably the most Aussie way possible – by calling everyone cunts and then playing a near-perfect show.

Elton John’s big farewell tour hits Adelaide’s Botanic Park on December 4, before heading off around the country for a run of winery and arena shows until March next year. I can only hope he calls everyone a see-you-next-Tuesday along the way.