Two Old Mates Escaped From A Nursing Home & Thrashed At A Massive Metal Fest

If Hollywood’s not already scrambling to turn this story into a movie they’ve got absolute rocks in their heads, we tell you. Two elderly men in Germany have reportedly escaped from the nursing home where they resided in order to high-tail it across town to attend a giant metal festival over the weekend.

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The old boys skipped out on their home on Friday and apparently nicked off over to the giant Wacken Open Air festival for a day of banging their geriatric heads to a lineup of some of the biggest names in metal.

The festival is held annually across four days in the north German town of Wacken which ordinarily has a population of roughly 1,800, but during the weekend of the festival the population swells dramatically as around 75,000 metalheads descend on the small village – a festival that provides Wacken with its second-largest source of annual income, behind farming.

Police reportedly found the elder pair at around 3am, with police officials stating they were “disoriented and dazed.” This, likely after a day in which they circle pitted to the likes of GhostIn FlamesNightwishChildren of BodomCannibal CorpseFozzyMr. Big, and a slew of others including the incredibly named Witch Taint.

The men were reportedly not particularly keen on leaving the festival, so police had to escort them back to their nursing home via a taxi and a patrol car.

A police spokesperson remarked, rather nonchalantly, that the men “obviously liked the metal festival” which is a statement that is likely to rank in the higher echelons of the Great Ders of History.

This year’s festival also featured headlining acts like Judas PriestDanzigConvergeSteel PantherBehemothSepulturaHelloweenDimmu BorgirArch Enemy, and Gojira to name but a mere few.

Seriously, if this isn’t a movie starring… oh, I don’t know… let’s say Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen… in a couple of years’ time then I don’t know what think any more.